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As a powerful cloud-based tool for project management, cammsproject offers the ability for team members to really coordinate and collaborate with each other, whether they in the same office or on the other side of the world.

Modern businesses can no longer assume that all team members will be in the same time zone, and having robust collaboration tools can be the difference between a project that is delivered on time and in budget, or one that lags behind.


The cammsproject difference

There are many team collaboration options on the internet at various price points, but few of these tools come fully integrated with a robust, flexible and comprehensive project management software solution.

Cammsproject gives you the full picture, so you don’t need to work within multiple systems to achieve your goals.


What can you do with cammsproject?

Cammsproject offers teams the tools they need without weighing down their project management needs with too much complexity. The primary feature of our team collaboration software is the chat feature, which enables team members to have real-time conversations no matter where they are. Since cammsproject is also available on both Android and iOS apps, team members can respond when they’re on the go, at their home office, visiting another location, or just across the room.

Cammsproject also includes a live activity tracker, so that team leaders and other team members can see exactly what each team member is currently working on. This ensures that all the pieces are fitting together smoothly and no important work is falling through the cracks.


Let cammsproject save you time with the best collaboration tools

In the language of project management, time is the hardest resource to manage. With cammsproject, team leaders and members will spend less time drafting emails, waiting for responses, and looking around for the right answer. The chat functions allows team members to ask questions quickly, get answers back even faster and then get back to the task at hand with little delay. All communications are visible from one spot, making it easy to figure out what is going on and what the next step will be.

By choosing cammsproject, you are choosing world-recognised collaboration software. We have many years of experience in providing the best collaboration tools for teams in both the public and private sectors.

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