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One of the key principles of project management is to make sure that projects are completed on time and within budget. To do this, projects are broken down into manageable tasks, which are then delegated to team members. Team members can then communicate with each other and help each other stay on track.

One place that project management timelines can break down is when tasks are taking longer than anticipated. By using a project time management tool, team leaders can get a clear understanding of where team members are spending their time.


Timesheet software

For hourly employees, tracking time in and out of the office can be a headache. Some companies even choose to track their salaried employees, either for comp time purposes or for state laws regarding overtime.

Having timesheet software integrated into your project management system can help employees make sure that they are logging times appropriately. Time and attendance software that function completely independently can be frustrating for both employees and team leaders, who have to use two disparate systems, often requiring duplication. Cammsproject offers you one system for timesheets and task management.


Time tracking software benefits for freelancers

Many companies hire freelancers, and time tracking software can be useful for managing their workflow too. While many companies hire these workers by contract, tracking the time they spend on tasks can help an organisation plan for when it makes sense to hire workers to complete these tasks. Requiring freelancers to track time also introduces accountability to ensure that company dollars are being spent appropriately.


Benefits of accountability

No one wants to have a conversation with their staff where they say that employees are not spending the right amount of time on work projects. By tracking time spent on tasks, team leaders gather hard data about how much one team member is spending on a particular task versus other team members. This can make conversations about lengthy tasks more productive and less confrontational.

When your company is deciding how best to organise its project management timeline, having historical data about task and time management can be incredibly helpful. By recording in cammsproject the time it takes to complete tasks, companies gain the ability to monitor and manage the amount of time they are spending on future projects. This can help businesses budget for person hours, determine the scope of projects, and understand where payroll dollars are being spent.

To find out more about how time and attendance software can benefit your company’s project, contact cammsproject today for a free trial or a tour of our features and options.

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