How does cammsproject stack up
to other tools on the market?

As the tight security around cloud-based systems is increasingly understood, more and more businesses are turning to software-as-a-service online solutions to manage their projects. There are a number of online project management tools available to the average business user. How do you know if cammsproject is the right tool for your business?


Real-time collaboration

One of the key features for cammsproject is its real-time collaboration capabilities. Cammsproject includes both an integrated chat feature and an activity tracker, which tells users what other team members are working on and means that everyone is easily contactable. These features help teams feel more cohesive – even if some team members are on the other side of the world. They can also reduce the number of emails that need to be sent – ensuring important messages aren’t left unseen in overflowing inboxes – making sure that the project moves forward more smoothly.


Risk management

Every project comes with risks, so it’s important that your project management tool allows you to record and assess risks every step of the way. With cammsproject, risk assessment is integrated into the tool itself. When a project begins, the project manager has the opportunity to identify risks that may arise during the life cycle of the project. They then have the ability to manage risks from within the same integrated system, making sure that risks are mitigated and minimized as the project moves forward.


Apps for Android and iOS

Work doesn’t stop when employees leave the office. More and more workers own tablets and smartphones, enabling them to work on the go. With cammsproject, employees can access documents, chat with co-workers, update projects, and get the information that they need to do their jobs, even when they’re not at their desk.

Although many SaaS project management platforms have some kind of on-the-go access, not all of them have full app access for both Android and iOS. We offer both, so that our project management system is available for all workers on any device.

Cammsproject also has certified security, meaning that your data is safe on the cloud, as well as an active and available support team to help you get your projects up and running, while also smoothing over bumps in the road as they occur.

Think that cammsproject may help you and your company improve your project management tools? Contact us today to organise a free trial, or find out more about pricing for your particular project.

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