Why government agencies need cammsproject?

Working for a government agency, you know your projects come under a high degree of scrutiny – so they need to be completed on time and within budget.


Why Government Needs Project Management Software

As demand for more transparent government grows, you know it’s critical to be accountable when delivering projects on the public purse. Enter cammsproject.

Complete successful projects, big or small, with intuitive Project Management software. Empower people throughout and between government agencies – not just your Project Management Office – to collaborative, save time and deliver consistent best practice projects. Configure flexible workflows to meet the need unique needs of particular projects, allocate resources, manage time and assign tasks from one integrated system.

With over 20 years’ experience addressing the project and performance management needs of government bodies throughout the world, cammsproject is an all-in-one Project Management software platform that helps you stay on track – without the burden of multiple programs, big budget overheads, heavy IT workloads and training requirements. Contact us today for a free trail or to answer any questions you might have.


Task and Time Management

With Project Management software designed for government, easily inform all stakeholders about project progress and time taken up by individual tasks. With public offices often expected to demonstrate accountability at a more granular level than private enterprise, being able to show precisely how time has been used is crucial.

And, quickly identify which specific tasks and responsible individuals are falling behind schedule with comprehensive task management capabilities. Proactively manage time, resources and keep your projects heading in the right direction with cammsproject.


Robust Reporting Features

The transparency demanded by public projects means access to robust reporting is a must. Easily demonstrate project progress, appropriate resource allocation, time spent and budget status against predefined benchmarks and KPIs. Generate the reports you need at the click of a button with cammsproject.


Integrated Collaboration

The business of government means connecting with people in a single office one day, then collaborating with colleagues and other agencies throughout the world the next. So successful government Project Management teams need to be able to quickly share information and insights anywhere, anytime – whether those people are across the aisle or on the other side of the globe. With cammsproject’s integrated Hub, forgot missed phone calls and delayed emails. Collaborate in one place, in real-time – right alongside your project in a single integrated platform. Even send updates on-the-go from with native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

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