Why the IT industry needs

In many businesses, IT feels the squeeze of economic difficulties more than other departments. There is continuous pressure on IT teams to be leaner and more efficient, even as more and more is demanded of them. IT no longer focuses just on providing the in-office deliverables of network support and computer maintenance; many IT departments also manage the customer IT experience as well.

As an IT manager, it may be difficult to keep track of the various projects that need to be running at any given time. Upgrades to customer security, maintenance of office systems, and planning for eventual changes to network systems are just a few of the various projects that can keep an IT professional on their toes. By using project management software like camms


How does project management software benefit IT employees?

If you are accustomed to just keeping track of everything around the office through a basic task management system, moving to information technology project management may seem like overkill. After all, everything may feel like it is already being done.

But by moving to a system like cammsproject, IT managers gain better visibility into their team’s work, both on any given day, and over time. With a SaaS solution like cammsproject, it is much easier to assign tasks, track the time spent on those tasks, and confirm that activities have been completed. Managers can create projects for their department, from simple upgrades to large, multi-step training and purchasing projects.


Using Information Technology project management to support IT development

Cammsproject can also help IT departments stay on task by generating easy-to-read reports on current tasks that are taking up a great deal of the department’s time and attention. If IT needs to explain purchasing a new server, for example, or upgrading a particular piece of software, showing how much time is currently being spent maintaining that asset will help to justify the budgetary expenditure.

Project management software can also help IT managers collect data on the productivity of employees. For example, if one person in the department takes twice the time to complete a task as another department worker, it might be useful to look at retraining. Our reports provide managers with real data to make decisions and analyse department behaviour.

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