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Why government agencies needs cammsproject?

Within all levels of government, there is often a strong need for project management software that keeps time and task management in place, offers easy-to-create reports and ensures projects are delivered by their due date and within budget. Cammsproject is a fantastic all-in-one project management software system that is already used widely in the public sector to keep everything on track.


Task and time management

Our project management software, which is oriented for government use, gives managers the ability to provide detailed information to all stakeholders regarding the time taken to complete tasks and how projects are progressing. Since public offices are often accountable on a more granular level than private ones, being able to show precisely how time has been used is a crucial element of cammsproject.

Task management can also help team leaders identify those who are moving slowly on tasks, those who might benefit from retraining or those that need extra assistance to get a project completed.


Robust reporting features

Public officials often need to have access to reports showing project status, time and budget spent, and more. The robust reporting features in cammsproject can help team leaders demonstrate how resources are being allocated and show that the project is moving forward appropriately. Our reporting tools allow you to generate as many reports as you need, from many perspectives, all at the push of a button.


Integrated collaboration

Government projects can be focussed in one office or spread all over the globe. Successful teams need to be able to access and collaborate with team members, whether those people are across the aisle or on the other side of the world. With cammsproject’s integrated collaboration features, you don’t need to send an email and await a response; just send a chat message using our Hub function. The recipient can check their chat messages on the go from both Android and iOS devices.


Why Governments need project management software

As the public demands more accountable and transparent governments, public offices are being asked to provide more transparency while often working within an overloaded system. By integrating all your project management needs into one cohesive piece of software, cammsproject helps agencies to make sure that they have everything they need at their fingertips. We provide one system – a single source of truth – to save you from delving in and out of multiple, disparate systems to find the information you need.

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